Why Education

being one of the largest nations in the world, Indonesian has some striking education facts.

whatch the video and see how these precious children need you help!

This means that indonesia even with the largest education system in the world it still falls behind in many areas. Just Within the nation, the gap
between those who are fortunate enough to attain education and not is so wide. Where education should have been a priviledge
for many Indonesias, it is still simply IMPOSSIBLE

How do we plan to overcome this?

We believe that through education and the right nutrition, these children can have the minimal requirement to continue for their education.
This means that eventhought they live in a poverty. Those who are keen and show determination will have the opportunity to attain education like
everyone else without having to worry how to pay and meet their education needs.

Through here we have implemented the ALC (Anugrah Learning Centre)in diferent locations.


@2016 Adikku Sayang and/or its affiliates All rights reserved  Made with in Jakarta

@2016 Adikku Sayang 
and/or its affiliates 
All rights reserved 
Made with in Jakarta